Thoughtful architecture

We believe in a thoughtful architecture where functional solutions and esthetic values are combined to create sustainable and inviting environments. We design urban spaces and landscapes that encourage social interaction, recreation, play and physical activity. The users of these spaces should feel welcomed and included.

Thoughtfulness is the essence of our way of working. We work together in an open and allowing atmosphere, where participation and engagement are highly valued. In a creative and investigative process together with our clients we aim to create architecture with a high level of artistic and functional quality. Thorough analysis of a landscape or urban spaces results in carefully designed environments, from the large picture down to the smallest detail. In each of our project we strive to be bold in our design and to enhance the unique values of the specific site.

Thoughtful architecture means carefully considered design that has minimal negative impacts on the environment and the climate. Through conscious decisions in choices of production, processes, materials, vegetation, technical and stormwater solutions we make a difference and add positive values.

Our profile

AJ landskap is a landscape architecture firm which focus on planning and design of urban and natural landscapes in transition.

Through our dedication, experience and knowledge we take responsibility for interpreting the client’s specific needs and the unique potential of the site. Our works spans from early stage investigations and programming to detailed design solutions and construction drawings. We have a wide range of experience, from Master plans to the design of urban spaces and residential environments. Together with our clients and external partners we process design ideas and technical solutions, always balancing innovation with well-established methods. Our aim is to create sustainable outdoor environments, valuable to both users and clients.